Cari Palmer

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A while ago, I received the best compliment ever. 

Before I left my last radio position, the guy who followed my mid-day shift was waiting outside the studio. When my shift was over, he said to me, "I think you are the strongest woman I've ever met!" Yee haw - he had no idea how good this felt to hear. I had to chuckle because if he knew me 20 years earlier, he would have believed the complete opposite!

Reading the journals I kept from many years ago, it’s almost impossible to believe the woman who did the writing was me! Honestly, if the woman I was at 30 years old were in a room with the woman I am today, she would be scared to death of me.

Because I found a way to turn my life completely around, I took a sabbatical from radio. I felt it was my responsibility to share my story with others who could benefit from it. I started a blog with post after post detailing my thoughts and my journey. Today, I have hundreds and hundreds of pages written.

The time was right to come back home to Mixx 96.1. My little girl is now 17 and driving herself to all of her activities. Working afternoons fits perfectly with my life and my continuing to write in the mornings.

I hope to inspire and energize you each and every afternoon. If you need a boost of strength in any shape or form, feel free to reach out: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 360-943-9696.