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Jennifer Mathis

Weekday nights, Saturdays 10am-3pm

I've been in radio for over 20 years (most of that at Mixx 96.1) after graduating from the radio broadcasting class at Bates Vocational Tech in Tacoma. I'd originally planned to be a veterinarian but decided to try radio after having several people tell me I'd never be any good at it. (Editor's Note: As you can hear, don’t ever tell Jennifer she can’t do something!)

I enjoy living here in Olympia because the people are so genuine. It doesn't matter here if you're not mainstream, people don't even look at you twice. And there's just enough people with older cars that I can always find someone to help me out when my ancient VW gets cranky on me.

I'm a big fan of Prince and still collect most everything that pertains to him, including a large collection of vinyl. Granted there’s some CD’s in there, but being a child of the '80s I find the vinyl habit really hard to give up. I have nearly everything he put out on vinyl in my collection but I'm always looking for good deals on the stuff I still need (must have it all :-).

I'm a breast cancer survivor, a tried and true redhead, and SuperMommy to two young men, a spouse, and several assorted reptiles.